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As of June 7, 2021, Denmark has only implemented those parts of the Directive that strengthen the position of rights holders and/or creators (Articles 15 and 17).


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The Danish government organized stakeholder meetings on the implementation of Article 17, on the provisions regulating the use of out-of-commerce works and on the provisions dealing with fair remuneration of authors and performers. No stakeholder meetings were organized on the remainder of the Directive (including the provisions dealing with exceptions and limitations and Article 15). The government released a proposal to implement Articles 15 and 17, and organized a public consultation to receive views on that draft. The bill was submitted to the Parliament in March 2021, and it was subject to a meaningful parliamentary process.

Article 17:

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The Danish implementation of Article 17 simply restates the text of the Directive. As such, it does not contain any ex-ante safeguards for users rights or additional transparency provisions. It also does not narrow down the definition of platforms affected by these rules.


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As of June 7, 2021, Denmark has only implemented those parts of the Directive that strengthen the position of rights holders and/or creators (Articles 15 and 17). At the end of 2020, the Ministry of Culture announced that it was going to implement "the important provisions for rights holders on tech giants' stricter responsibility for the use of e.g. music and films" on time. In line with this promise it introduced an implementation law proposal for Articles 15 and 17 into parliament in March 2021. The parliament adopted the implementation law on the 3rd of June 2021. The implementation of Article 17 does not contain any special user rights safeguards, and only the mandatory exceptions and limitations foreseen in Article 17 have been implemented.

The Danish government provided stakeholders with reasonable opportunities to contribute to the discussions on Articles 15 and 17 (organized special stakeholder meetings and a public consultation), and the bill went through a complete parliamentary process. The government did not yet offer a similar procedure for the parts of the Directive that mandate the implementation of exceptions and limitations to copyright (other than the provisions on use of out-of-commerce works, for which the government organized a stakeholder meeting). 

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